How to look after your car battery


Your car battery probably isn’t something any of us give much thought to – until it won’t start. A battery fault is the most common reason for cars to breakdown in the UK, particularly in winter. Make sure yours in in good condition, and you can avoid being stranded.

Why do car batteries fail?

Most car batteries fail because they do not get charged properly – in fact, not recharging your battery properly can half its lifetime. A car battery does recharge when it’s driven, but if you are only driving your car short distances, it may be that it is not getting properly charged often enough.

When a car battery is not regularly fully charged, sulfation occurs and causes build up on the battery plates. This can affect the chemical to electrical conversion, reducing the battery’s performance.
Cold weather can also make battery failure more likely. Most car batteries contain a liquid electrolyte solution, which holds the battery’s charge. As the temperature drops, the electrolyte solution is less able to transfer full power – so your car will not be able to start.

As well not being properly recharged, our car batteries have more pressure on them than ever from in-car electrics. As well as the car’s electric heaters, windows, radio, sat nav and more, we also charge our phones while we drive – all this needs power from the car battery.

Jump Starter vs Smart Charger

What do I do if my battery has failed?

A flat battery doesn’t have to mean a ruined day. You can easily jump start a car battery to get back on the road again.

Smart Charging

How to jumpstart a car battery

The easiest and quickest way to start a car battery is with a portable power pack. These small and lightweight devices may not look like they have a lot of power, but they can jump-start cars up to 6L for petrol engines and 3L for diesel engines.

A portable power pack has a powerful lithium battery, which not only contains a high enough voltage to jumpstart a car, but also holds its charge for up 12 months. So once this is charged, just keep it in your car, ready in case of an emergency.

The Ring Lithium Jump Starter range comes with many additional features including LED Torches, power bank capability and rapid charge technology. 

How can I stop my battery failing?

Regularly charging your battery with a smart charger is the best way to make sure it stays in good shape and lasts as long as possible.

Jump starting

What is a smart charger?

A smart charger does far more than just put charge into your battery. It charges, repairs and maintains, so you know your battery is in the best possible condition. If you have a START/STOP car, then you can only use a smart charger: a traditional linear charger can damage START/STOP batteries.

A smart charger applies a multi-stage charging cycle to the battery. This means that the battery is repaired through a process of desulfation, then recharged, and finally automatically switches into maintenance mode – so no risk of damage from overcharging.

We recommend you charge your car battery with a smart charger every 3 months.

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