Introducing the Ring Cordless Tyre Inflator family...


Maintaining correct tyre pressure is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient journeys on the road. Ring Automotive has revolutionised the way we think about tyre inflation with its range of award-winning battery-powered tyre inflators. 

In this article, we will introduce and explain the many unique benefits that the cordless inflator range offers. Whether you're a cyclist, motorcyclist, car owner, or adventure enthusiast, these cordless inflators are designed to make your life easier and safer.

The Ultimate Cordless Inflator - Ring Automotive RTC6000

The RTC6000 is a cordless digital inflator that is ideal for camping and road trips. Featuring the largest battery of the range and a powerful motor, it is capable of inflating a car tyre in just two minutes. The dedicated air pump is ideal for inflating air beds, tents and much more. With a bright LED torch and battery bank feature built-in, the RTC6000 is the ultimate companion for camping holidays and road trips!

  • Dual Motor - Dedicated motors for inflating tyres and camping equipment.
  • Versatile Design - Includes 10-piece adaptor kit, LED light and USB battery bank.
  • Fast Inflation - Inflate car tyres in just 2 minutes with digital auto-stop.

    "This Ring has lots of features, with a huge, accurate display, a wide on/off button and neat stowage for the tyre and low-pressure hoses." - Auto Express Best Buy Tyre Inflator 2023

Powerful Yet Compact -  Ring Automotive RTC4000

The RTC4000 packages a large battery and motor into a glovebox-friendly design. Built to easily inflate tyres on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and more, the large digital display allows users to easily set and store up to four pressure values. With auto-stop and a manual deflation valve, the RTC4000 makes accurate inflation a breeze, storing the air hose and included valve adaptor kit within the unit's chassis for convenient storage.

  • Powerful Motor - Quickly inflate car, motorcycle or bicycle tyres.
  • Large Battery - Inflate numerous tyres on a single charge.
  • Back-Up Power - 3m 12V Power cable is included in case of low battery.

"The Ring RTC4000 packs a lot of tyre inflator into a package smaller than the average lunchbox!" - Expert Reviews Best Overall Tyre Inflator 2023 

No Restrictions - Ring Automotive RTC2000

The RTC2000 is the smallest and most portable member of the Ring Automotive Cordless Tyre Inflator family. Designed for cyclists, motorcyclists, and anyone who needs a quick top-up for their car tyres, it offers several advantages over traditional inflators including an integrated LED Torch and battery bank function. 

  • Compact Design - Easily fits on a bicycle, in a backpack or glovebox.
  • Digital Display - Auto Stop provides accurate and efficient inflation.
  • Portable Power - Built-In Battery Bank charges phones and other devices.

    "For around £40 the Ring cordless handheld inflator is good value - especially as it's so versatile." - Awarded 4.5/5 Stars - Honest John Kit 

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